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General Data Protection Regulation


MailPoet is a batch web based emailing system used for our News Letters and information emails.
The information held on the ourwordpress database is your name, email address and the first line of your home address. No phone numbers nor other information is electronically stored.  The information held will never be passed on to third parties or published on this website.

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of the emails.

Though other committee members may hold your personal data on a computer it is not held on any website.

Contact Forms

When you complete a contact form on any of the webpages, your email address and message are stored securely onto the WordPress database. These details are only visible to the webmaster and of course to whoever the contact form was emailed to. No information from these forms are passed onto third parties unless a third party event organiser requires further details to issue tickets.


All websites use cookies to enhance your viewing experience. They are small files stored on the users computer. Many cookies die instantly when a browser is closed. However other cookies have various lives from a few days to a year. WordPress only stores cookies where a user has to login and as there is no option on this site, they do not apply.  Some plugins such as the Contact forms may use cookies to remember your details for next time you use them. In the case of we are not selling or using aggressive advertising so any cookies generated would be perfectly safe.
Under EU laws you have the option to disable cookies, which you will find on the right at the bottom of the pages by clicking the Privacy & Cookies Policy button. You can also set your browser not to accept cookies by going into its settings or preferences, though this can adversely affect and even prevent some websites from functioning.

If you want further information on cookies is a good place to look.