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Russell & Karen Hamilton, Samantha Nichols & Phil Begley

A cheque for £3,070 was presented to Heart Safe Community UK at our general meeting on Thursday 17th December 2021 for the purchase of 2 Defibrillators. 
Our thanks to everyone who contributed to our fund to make this possible.  These defibrillators will be in addition to the 2 the park management have installed. 


Building a Heart ❤️ Safe Community
Remember in the event of a cardiac arrest:
CALL – PUSH – SHOCK          or         999 – CPR – AED
Keep a note of where your nearest defibrillator is sited.

The What3Words App divides the whole world into 3 meter squares (9.8 feet) with 3 words. iPhones and smart phones, iPads and tablets that have gps built into them and the What3Words app installed will accurately locate your position, whether at home, in town or even in the middle of a field! Even if you have no idea where you are.
Pass the 3 words to the emergency services and they will find your location with pinpoint accuracy. 
Launched in 2013 it’s a well tried and trusted App.

Following on from our July General Meeting and defibrillator presentation, our members now know our aim is to support and encourage the building of ‘Heart Safe Communities’, something that doesn’t currently exist in the UK. As a part of that we want is to promote the strategic location of defibrillators within 100 metres of everyone at Yarwell Mill. This combined with other actions including high quality CPR will give anyone experiencing cardiac arrest the very best chance of survival and positive outcome / recovery.
Our YMCPRA Defibrillator initiative will hopefully be an example to other Country Parks of what can be achieved when everyone comes together to help. 

“Team work makes the dream work” 😉

Newsletters and details on defibrillator training will be delivered to those residents who kindly offered to participate. Even if you have already been trained it’s worth having a refresher course.