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Virus scams on your computer, laptop, notepad, iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows phones are becoming more common.

You search for or enter a legitimate website and a window pops up telling you that your device has x number of viruses or your battery is infected or a host of other messages and usually with a ‘Remove Virus Now’ button.  The image below is just an example of what you may see.


You haven’t got a virus and this is the scammers way of asking you to instal one!

A web browser cannot detect viruses on your device. It certainly can’t tell you your battery is infected and what that means is a mystery.

What you have seen has come from a website you have visited that has been compromised and that is where the so called virus warning or fake pop up window is coming from. Phone the company who’s website you just visited and inform them as they may not be aware, though most websites such as this one have protection software added to help stop or warn the webmasters something isn’t right.

So what should you do?

I recommend Malwarebytes. There is a free version as well as a premium version.  I have used the free version on my Macs for years, rarely finding anything, however it has on the odd occasion.
Unfortunately it is not available for iPhone/iPad/iPod in the UK.
It is available for Android from the Malwarebytes website or from the Google Play store and it is also available for Windows.
It scans your device for adware and malware and places the files in a folder which allows you to inspect then delete or save.

If you don’t want to install that then try the following.

Ensure you have the latest Operating system and browser version installed for your device.

Back up your device, especially if you use it for photographs, music and documents

In the first instance power off the device and wait for at least 10 seconds then repower it back up. If that doesn’t solve it or it soon returns follow advice below.

For Android devices, Samsung, Google phones etc<
this is a good website:-

For iPhones/iPads/ipods.
Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website data.

For Windows PC’s & Laptops I suggest you search the internet. If any resident can offer a solution or advice please let me know.

For IMacs and MacBooks.

Open Safari, Click Safari in top menu bar then Clear History.

If after following these tips you still have a problem, wipe the memory and reinstall from a back up. (You do have a back up, don’t you?).

Failing that you may need to seek further advice.

I am always willing to try and help, so please contact me if the advice above hasn’t resolved the problem or you need help with another issue.

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